Everyone knows that glitter nail art is a constant favorite. Almost every girl and woman love to have glitter on their nails. Glitter can give an extra edge to your nail and send sparkles in dull moments. To be honest, there is no other moment that’s right for glitter nails besides Christmas.

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. Festive season is now well underway with many already having Christmas decorations up. But, just remember to take some time to treat yourself for this festive season. One of the best ways is to get the Christmas-styled nail art.

Winter is starting to peek. This is the most exciting season for fashion. You can wear some stand out clothes, but make sure that you also have a good manicure. Even though most of your body will be covered in layers, your hands will be visible from time to time and you would want to make sure that your nails are on point.

For most women, having great nails are necessary, especially on special occasions like birthdays, or holidays. Pampering ourselves and going to the nail salons to get the nails done can be considered a must. Even more, if you’re planning to go on vacation somewhere. Glam up and looking the best would make everything so much better! You’d have more fun and looking flawless while at it! So what’s not to love right?

Thanksgiving is only once a year. And because of it, you need to make sure you look your absolute best, especially during the family dinner. Before you choose the outfit, do your hair and apply your makeup, make sure your manicure is ready for turkey day. Keep reading to find some inspirations with these pumpkin nail colors below.

Picking the right nail polish color is a struggle for some women. This is especially true since there are many considerations when choosing the right color. Luckily, there are ways to narrow it down. Keep reading to know the right way when choosing nail polish color below.

Halloween is coming. There is nothing exciting and fun than preparing Halloween costume and of course, Halloween-themed nail art. Halloween is the time for you to be creative. And Halloween nail art can help improve your costume or enhance your makeup. No matter which way you use it, you will definitely have fun in making and wearing it.

Spring is simply a couple weeks away which usually means you’re going to be seeing green popping through the layers of snow soon. You only have to be cautious and be sure that you’re getting a good one.