Most the teenage girls are waiting this lovely day, Valentine’s Day. Whether you love or despise the holiday, it’s always a fun reason to get dolled up and experiment with a new style. Just admit it! So that’s why we’re bringing you some Valentine’s looks below.

After a long holiday, college students will face a new school year with mixed emotions. Excited to meet their friends and hang out together, but get dizziness to imagine the homework and school projects. But girls, don’t be so low, we can brighten up your college life. Having a cute nail art design together with your besties is definitely an exciting idea!

Short nails with square or oval tips will look beautiful with attractive colors and designs. In winter and spring, you can have the same nail look. It will save your time to get amazing nail art. Besides, short nail art also eases you to do activities that involve your fingers.

Are you looking for nail art ideas for this Christmas? Are you bored with plain simple Christmas design ideas? Well, no worries! Because here we’ll show you some of the most fabulous nail art design ideas you can implement on your nails this holiday. Stay tuned!

Nail art is one of the perfect way to complement your overall look. With so many options that you can choose, feel free to try some styles. Bow nail art for example, it is the best style that makes you feel cute and girly. So wait no more, we’ve got plenty of bow nail art ideas for you below.

Christmas is full of festive things. Festive home decor, festive dinner, festive outfit, and not to mention, festive nail art. Your nails should be polished to festive perfection and coordinate your outfit for your Christmas dinner or lunch, and even Christmas party. Here, we have 25 ideas to inspire you below.

Going to work during the holiday season sometimes makes you confused about what to wear. Look at the collection of your clothes in the wardrobe for a moment to find the proper outfit. I understand that it will take your time. Just try to combine and match the jeans you have with a simple top to make you look casual.

Christmas is only few days away. It’s the most wonderful time of the year because it’s the time for holiday dinner, wrapped gifts, and snow dusted Christmas decorations. You already decide the decorations for both your outdoor and indoor. Don’t forget to choose the right dress for this Christmas, because it may helps you to treasure the moment.