43 Professional Pedicure at Home this Summer

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Pedicures are the most luxurious gift you can give to your nails. Home pedicures can give you soft, beautiful and nutritious nails. When you do a pedicure at home, you have complete freedom to personalize your nails and make the best of it. So whether you are preparing for a summer vacation or just need to show off those strapy sandals, a professional pedicure will be able to help you put forward your best nails. Now is the chance to give your nails a more natural appearance.

You have to put the final touch on your nails using a nail polish remover. If you need a pedicure that lasts for several weeks, you need to apply a base coat, two to three layers of color, and a top coat to seal everything. You may have a beautiful pedicure using only one color of nail polish and a few rhinestones. If necessary, you can use several thin layers to make your nail surface flat, chip resistant and shiny.

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